What Kind of Loser With No Life Names a Journal?

This is Not a Funny Title

29 October 1993
First thing to know about me: I hate introducing myself. XD

Other things: I'm a high school student in New York. You may address me as Your Royal Highness. All comments must include a tributary picture of either Noctis or Stella (or both for extra suck-up points) before I will read them. jk The cross-out means not joking.

Anyways. I'm a huge anime and video game geek, and most of my posts are about stuff like that. I also include a few things from a personal life every once in a while or just plain not geeky stuff.

I'm a completely ridiculous person, so expect posts saying stuff like "OH MY GOD. I LOVE SUMMER GLAU. SHE'S SO AWESOME. IT'S GETTING HOT IN HERE. IT MUST BE SUMMER." I also write a few (sort of) serious posts, usually informal reviews of anime or video games, or play-by-play commentary on anime. The amount of those posts are usually in direct proportion to how FABULOUS the anime is.

So, enjoy your stay, and don't mind me; I'm usually on some derivative of crack when I post.