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IHU, sleet

When it snows, your feet sink into it and it's hard to walk, but you can still walk; it just takes longer. When there's ice, it's damn slippery but you can brace yourself and walk carefully, so whatever. When it rains, it's all over the fucking place and there are goddamn rivers you have to cross to get from the sidewalk to the crosswalk, but it's not unwalkable.

But when it sleets, goddamn, when it sleets, there are all of the disadvantages of the above and none of the solutions.

And our stupid mayor won't even give us a snow day because we've already had two. NATURE DOESN'T SCREW PEOPLE AND TRAINS AND CARS OVER DEPENDING ON HOW MANY SNOW DAYS THERE HAVE BEEN THAT SCHOOL YEAR. Asshole has no compassion for those poor little kindergarteners sloshing their way through oceans and icy mountains to get to school. And I really want a three day weekend.


New TV!

My dad's company had a lottery drawing for the Lunar New Year and my dad won a 42" plasma TV. Yaaaay. Just last year, he won a ring (though it was crappy and no one wears it). And the year before he got a smaller HDTV which I have in my room. Totally awesome.

Not the point of the post. We just intalled it yesterday, so I was playing Heavy Rain on it and gushing over the graphics, although I still have the standard cables for it (the red, white, yellow ones; whatever they're called) so I'll have to grab myself some HDMI cables sometime soon. Anyways, my mom walks by the living room and is suddenly like "oh wow, nice fight scene. It's just like a movie!"

My mom understood the whole point of Heavy Rain in two seconds flat. Badass. Either on my mom's part or the creator's part, I don't know. See, that's casual gaming. Suck it Wii, I still don't know if Wii Sport Tennis can let me actually choose how I'd like to hit the ball. I mean, I just position my Mii relatively close to the ball, swing, and the game will play itself for me? Laaame.

I'm still debating if I should get it on release date though. I'm very hyped up, but I was also this hyped up for Fable II about a year ago, but now I'm sort of meh about it and the Plat Hits edition is just $30 including downloadable content. So yay for waiting.
An old friend of mine convinced me to pick up Megaman Battle Network for the GBA again. It was all the rage back in elementary school and probably one of my favorite video games.

Since I didn't have it anymore, I went to get a ROM of it. The file was 3MB. I thought it was a virus for a few seconds before I remembered....those GBA games were around that size. I was just so damn used to games like Sims 3 eating 20GB off my hard drive.

And yeah, sure, while Megaman doesn't exactly look like Crysis, it's still a pretty damn fun game. It could easily keep me entertained for 40 hours or so, and it doesn't have obnoxious bugs and glitches and a need to be patched. There gameplay is absolutely fantastic and yeah sure, you can't rotate the camera, but you don't need to since everything is easily in view unlike, say, the Playstation games (looking at you, FF7) where your character walks away from the camera so far that they're a tiny little dot to get to a treasure chest that you couldn't even see because of all the clutter and clunky camera angles. And it's easy to move around and get to places in MMBN, unlike Dragon Age: Origins where you have to pause every few seconds to turn the camera around and then click on the spot you want your character to go. And then if part of your foot is running into some tiny little ledge you can't see, no you can't jump over it and no, the game won't use a little common sense and make you sidestep.

And it has, guess what, real time battles. Not like those pussy turn-based RPG systems. There's also a fairly big world (but not filled with nothingness like Oblivion), plenty of enemy types, and a huge array of I guess an equivalent to spells (you get 30 chips in a folder, five appear each turn in battle for you to use, although there are certain rules governing which chips can be used together, and they deal a lot more damage than Megaman's little arm-gun and some change the way the nature of the battle field).

All for 3MB. I think that's how much memory a couple of outfits in the Sims 3 takes up.  So what I'm saying is that despite being less than 1/1000th of the memory of current games, the older games  sure as hell aren't 1/1000th of the gaming experience.

On a much lighter note, it's snowing again. For like the sixth time this year. We're usually lucky if it snows twice here. Global warming, where you at?

Omigosh, Heavy Rain is coming out

I'm so fucking hyped for it.

Gamestop just released a video of the demo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JoqZLKjLjuI

Admittedly, the graphics were a bit of a let-down and the movement seemed a little awkward in comparison with the tech demo released way earlier.

But the storytelling is done right, so fucking right. I was actually worried since a game like this, which would turn video gaming into an interactive movie, could either be amazing or it could be "nice theory, but doesn't work in practice." But it is fucking amazing. Just watching it, without even being the one to direct his movement, I was all GET OUT OF THE FUCKING WAY; I'M TRYING TO FIND MY SON.

That's actually something I really love about video games as a narrative form: the ability for the audience to so easily (albeit a little superficially) connect to the main character and feel what the main character is feeling. Certainly we don't grieve like he might when some annoying character dies, but video games are amazing for conjuring up more, I suppose, primal emotions. Like say the main character encounters a fucking huge monster. If it were a book or movie, unless the audience was really into it, we'd just be like "oh hey, nice monster" or "yes, fight scene!" whereas in video games, you'd get more a "oh fuuuuuuuck" feeling which I would presume is much closer to what the MC is feeling.

Now I have to go find an ethernet cable to plug into my PS3 because I heard this demo is available for download. I love my friends for buying me a PS3. <3 (even though I haven't used it yet)

O hai guyz

<s>I herd u liek mudkips>/s>

It's been a long while, guys. I'm very sorry; real life has gotten in the way (damn you, real life). But hey, here's your irregularly scheduled fail:

I was playing Fallout 3 yesterday and it takes place in post-apocalyptic Washington DC, so I'm walking along this nasty looking abandoned subway track underground. It's sort of spooky looking and it's all dark and shit, but I man up and it's fine. Then I see a baby carriage in the middle of the tracks and I'm like wtf is this doing here, GTFO of my way. I approach it and I hear a baby crying and I'm all like "aaaaaaw..... I'll save you, poor dear."

And then it blew up in my fucking face.

I literally jumped in my seat. And then I curled up into the fetal position and wibbled until the DDDDDDDD= and the scared out my mind feelings went away.
and I see this:

Self-described as "a little community with a lot of rage," you can soak up impassioned vibes and read blistering exposes detailing sexist attitudes in the news, pop culture, and science! A must-join community if you are, or love, a feminist. (NB: the topic of whether a "man" can be a feminist is outside the scope of this spotlight, but will probably wind up on the Writer's Block.)

Now.....Why is man in quotations? Yes, yes Ouran Host Club's Haruhi can be a feminist.

I'm also going to scout the place out and will consider joining depending on how amusing the Nazi-feminist wank is. (He said history! History! Do you that hear that asshole?! I'm going punch him in the face!"


DO NOT READ (even though you already have)Collapse )

EDIT: Screw you, LJ, just screw you. Way to ruin my LJ-cut and make me look like the hugest idiot in the world.

I hate Verizon so much

So I recently moved and told Verizon to transfer my service over. I order on the 30th last month, they tell me it's going to be ready on the 2nd. It's not, I call them, they tell me oops, phone is 2nd, internet is 10th. Still not working on the 10th. I call them again today and they tell me that for some reason they canceled my order and I have to call sales department on Monday to either re-activate the order or make another one. WTF. I'd switch to another company, but Verizon is the only one I know of which has decent internet at $20. I refuse to pay &70 to get internet and phone from Optimum. =/

Luckily, I apparently have either a nice or stupid neighbor who doesn't lock their wireless service, so I'm interneting on that. I feel sort of bad about it though, but I'm not using it to download or stream anything and the guy has at least 24Mbps.

So yes. That is why I haven't been on LJ in two weeks. And now when I come back, I see this thing about a new Code Geass manga doomed to fail. I mean, yay, C.C., but what the fuck. Lelouch and Suzaku imposters? Weird artwork? Edo period in those clothes? At least make it appear like they're in the same universes. And hell, there's so much shit that can be expanded on in CG with characters that they know the audience loves, and they decide to make a cash cow spinoff? Write about the Knights of the Round. Write about the Emperor's generation. Write about C.C. in her early "I WANT TO BE LOVED" days. Every character aside from Suzaku and Lelouch have a backstory that's been barely scraped at by the current content, write about them, stupid. Don't write about some genderbender with a cyborg arm in the Edo Period. Have you no shame, Sunrise?

tl;dr summary of the whole post: Verizon and Sunrise are such fucking trolls
So, the new "trailer" (30 seconds of battle system) for FF13 came out on Youtube, the failtastic host says that it's the most anticipated game of all time, so I lol my ass off at that in the comments (even the whole Crystallis group as most anticipated game is questionable with that of all time part, nevermind just FF13 when half the fandom thinks Versus will be better). And then I got told off by someone who is convinced that FF is the best series of all time and has been going strong for 20 years (surprisingly, I didn't get told that I'm just jealous). Which is so completely irrelevant to my point. And of course, because I suck at being the bigger person, i responded and attempted to reason with the person. It ended in failure. XD

Back from hiatus to headdesk

Raise your SAT and ACT scores while having fun playing a state-of-the-art video Game.

Yeah, I don't know what your definition of state-of-the-art is. Stop failing at life, US Army. And why are you even capitalizing game?

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